• Kimberly R.


We all need no-nonsense ways to incorporate healthy choices into our everyday lives. Welcome to Wellness in the Real World.

Do you try to incorporate healthful choices into a busy, hectic life? I am always on the lookout for smart and simple shortcuts for fitness, nutrition, anti-aging, productivity, and general wellness. In my quest, I have found fantastic resources on the internet, tried a lot of things (some triumphs, some epic fails!), and sometimes have streamlined them to make them work in my own life. I'll showcase some of the "best in class" apps, products, and websites to try, as well as credible Instagram personalities and YouTube channels to follow.

Wellness in the Real World was also created because there are so many wellness trends promoted out there, but not as much information about the scientific evidence to support their effectiveness. So, I will review the available research and share it, here!

I'm Kim. I am a health and wellness professional. I have a PhD in kinesiology, and I am an ACSM certified exercise physiologist and a national board certified health & wellness coach (NBC-HWC). I cut through the mumbo-jumbo to bring you my straight-up, no-nonsense, evidence-based perspective on the current trends. If you have any topics you are interested in learning more about, let me know!

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